Kids cooking class & Balinese traditional dance classes

kid cooking class and traditional balinese dance

Hey, kids! We can show you how fun and easy cooking can be: Learn to make delicious recipes,
from main courses to desserts and snacks, with plenty of tasting along the way

Mini chefs can learn their way around the kitchen, practice basic safety and techniques, and whip up tasty dishes in these cooking classes for kids.

Do your kids aspire to be the next great chef in Peninsula Bay Resort? Those who can’t get enough of stirring, whisking and decorating­—not to mention getting ingredients all over your walls—will love slapping on a mini chef’s hat and trying a hand at one of these cooking classes.

After all, anything can happen when you’re wearing an apron. Who knows…they could end up writing one of our favorite new recipes for kids!

Cooking class for children and Traditional balinese dance classes