Homemade Gelato from Massimo


Homemade Gelato from Massimo

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Many refreshing delights to choose from

 A gelato from Massimo’s will bring back that carefree spirit of your childhood – or evoke a fun-filled memory. We      know the process well. The homemade gelato boasts especially strong flavour – all thanks to our attention to the details of its preparation.

Massimo’s renowned gelato selection is always made from scratch, using only real fruits and nuts, and without any flavouring or additives.

Our favourite flavour must be among: Vanilla – Chocolate – Strawberry – Banana – Rum Raisin – Choco Chips – Coofee – Bubble Gum

 Traditional Gelato Flavors

Everyone’s palate craves different flavors, but there are some flavors that have been around for centuries and remain popular no matter the crowd or the season. These “traditional” flavors can be found at gelato shops across the country and even throughout the world.


 Who says vanilla has to be boring? This traditional flavor is anything but! By using different types of vanilla beans,  gelato makers can create different levels of intensity and color. Natural vanilla of a high-quality gives a brown or yellow color to gelato, but gelato that has less intense flavoring is whiter in color. Popular types of vanilla include Madagascar, Mexican and Tahitian beans, but Madagascar produces more than half of the world’s vanilla. Vanilla, the second most expensive spice after saffron, remains the most popular flavor of all time.


Vanilla may be a universal favorite flavor, but chocolate comes in at a close second! Many of the chocolate products consumed are produced from the seed of the cacao tree and combined with sugar. Milk chocolate, a traditional flavor, additionally contains milk powder or condensed milk. Gelato makers experiment with all types of chocolate, including milk, dark and white, but milk chocolate remains an essential flavor to any menu. If you’re one of the many chocolate-lovers in the world, don’t miss the opportunity to try one of the many chocolate gelatos.


Fragola, fraise and fresa – do you speak strawberry? The words for strawberry are similar in Italian, French and Spanish, but the gelato can taste different depending on the types of strawberries used. The strawberry is one berry that has its seeds on the outside, but a pleasant, juicy taste on the inside. This traditional flavor is often enhanced with fresh, frozen or pureed strawberries, or a piece of shortcake!


Need a new flavor to go bananas for? The U.S. is one of the most dominant buyers of bananas in the world, so it’s no wonder that banana gelato is a new traditional flavor. The fiber and potassium give you just one more reason to try this tropical flavor, which is typically made with water (known as a sorbetto), and great for any season.