Spa Facilities

For members and guests Peninsula Bay Resort Spa provides Traditional Balinese massage and other treatments that will bring even more relaxation to what we hope will be a wonderful holiday.



Package 1

Package 2

  • Balinese Massage
  • Body Scrub
  • Facial
  • Balinese Massage
  • Ear Candle
Rp 365K (2.5 Hours) Rp 215K (1.5 Hours)


Balinese Massage & Body Treatments

  • TRADITIONAL MASSAGE    1 hour :  Rp 135.000
    A full body massages using aromatic oils, with long firm strokes, stimulating pressure points and employing stretching techniques.
  • TRADITIONAL BODY SCRUB    2 hour  Rp 280.000
    Traditional cleansing treatment that soothes and exfoliates, removing upper skin layers. Body scrub involves aromatherapy and traditional massage after which the body is cleansed with a warm water bath.
  • STONE MASSAGE    2 hour :  Rp 425.000
    Stone massage is a treatment using steamed stone, heated stones to loosen tense muscles and help rid muscle of toxin.
  • BACK MASSAGE    30 minutes :  Rp 88.000
    Concentrating on the back, shoulder and neck area, this massage release energy flow with combination of pressure point massage and deep stoke, excellent for recovering from the stress of over exertion.
  • FOOT REFLEXOLOGY MASSAGE (30 minutes) : Rp 88.000
  • FOOT MASSAGE (30 minutes) : Rp 85.000


Skin & Ear Care Treatments

  • BALINESE REFRESHING FACIAL (Viva)  1 hour  : Rp 145.000
  • BALINESE REFRESHING FACIAL (Bioko‚Äôs)  1 hour : Rp 185.000
  • BALINESE CUCUMBER FACIAL  1 hour : Rp 165.000
    A cleansing facial that conditions and tones the skin.
  • EAR CANDLE   30 minutes : Rp 88.000
    Ear Candling is the holistic way of treating earache and other common issues related to the ear. A beeswax candle is used.(Please take medical advice as necessary).