Wedding: Rent a tent and price – part 2

tent trasparent

Dear Members,

Is very important to add up the total number of square footage that is needed for your event.

Refer to the following chart to match your m² needed with the m² provided by the following tents.  If your are in between tents, it is recommended to go to the next size up tent because it is always better to have a little extra room than not enough room.

Tent Size  m²           Provided
10×10 9.29 m²
15×15 20.90 m²
20×20 37.16 m²
20×30 55.74 m²
20×40 74.32 m²
30×30 83.61 m²

Aladin tent and Octagonal tent price: PRICE TENT

Roder tent –  Tent Trasparent
1 tent roder *complete without decoration but with floating floor =54,000,000Rp
1 tent transparent complete without decoration 50,000,000 Rp with floating floor